NEW Mini Movie: PRaYeR 4 the PoeT


Hi lovely people… Do hope you’re well… So this is what I’ve been doing… producing new music in the Savage Studio and recently working with Tabla player Harvir Sahota… whom I recorded on this track. Electrostat/ aka John Clarke has done us an awesome audio mix. I made this little anime movie… the starring poet/ an original inspiration in the story is incredible Jamaican/ Brooklyn dub artist Ras Osagyefo, whom I met when we were all performing at Poetry for Palestine , which was a fundraiser for kids theatre company on the Gaza strip. So originally I wrote this for that … Is meant for all Protest Poets / activists & people who speak out against oppression, or for you if you’re feeling oppressed right now… all the very best to you, anna x

No Label

I don’t believe in labels
personal as the air I breathe..
Gay, straight or bisexual,
My sexuality does not depend upon
with whom I sleep…

You who make my skin glow,
touch me like only you know..
The law of attraction has no laws..
You who see me without my flaws..
and still come back for more..

this beautiful place where we explore..
We feel like never felt before..
He’s in my heart
life blood, pulse, energy,
drive, passion, lust…
ability to trust,
hormones race..
Just for a taste
Sweetest kiss feel like bliss…
Excuse me, I got carried away..

He can’t own my body
I’m guardian of my own pleasure..
He’s my buried treasure, I wear upon
my sleeve..
Baby I love you,
you turn me on,
I want only you
inside I’m free

© AS


I am grown
I am soft skin
firm bones
flesh smooth
fruit food
moon times

cello lines
poetry for


she tries again
she dies inside
and lives again
I am all this
I forget then
remember my name

Like a riddle
middle star

She speaks many
quiet words
shouts to the
from her pedestal
from her own
and stands up again

When she cries
she sings
in the pain she survives
joy she brings
Like many women
I’m many things

curved line
fly free

Good intentions
No is an answer
Yes is a mantra
I don’t need a man for

I’m my own birthday celebration
I’m my own Independence day
I’m my own cry freedom
I’m my own Valentine heart

I’ve been called Princess
I’ve been called whore
I only answer to
my own name any more

Don’t come crawling
Don’t try and stand over me
Look me in the eye and
stand beside me

In dreams

these are my wings
I’m a woman and
this is my
matisse paint

WoMaNTRa poem by Anna Savage
with Music by Adrian Northover and Harvir Sahota