No Label

I don’t believe in labels
personal as the air I breathe..
Gay, straight or bisexual,
My sexuality does not depend upon
with whom I sleep…

You who make my skin glow,
touch me like only you know..
The law of attraction has no laws..
You who see me without my flaws..
and still come back for more..

this beautiful place where we explore..
We feel like never felt before..
He’s in my heart
life blood, pulse, energy,
drive, passion, lust…
ability to trust,
hormones race..
Just for a taste
Sweetest kiss feel like bliss…
Excuse me, I got carried away..

He can’t own my body
I’m guardian of my own pleasure..
He’s my buried treasure, I wear upon
my sleeve..
Baby I love you,
you turn me on,
I want only you
inside I’m free

© AS